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Laboratorio Escénico Univalle

The Laboratorio Escénico Univalle theatre group (Cali, Colombia) enjoyed great success with its stage version of Miguel de Cervantes El Coloquio de los perros (The Dialogue of the Dogs) on March 11 at the National Theatre Shilpakala Academy and March 16 at the University of Dhaka’s Teachers and Students Centre.

Members of the theatre group also led two seminars on "Playful elements in Cervantes’ Interludes", using extracts from "The Marvellous Puppet Show" to illustrate their point. The first of these seminars, which was held on the University of Dhaka's campus, was attended by students from the university's Theatre Department, whilst members of the Bangladesh Actor's Association took part in the second, held in the Shilpakala Academy.

10/03/16 - 17/03/16

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