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Third Seminar on Ibero-American Studies

Sports journalists, elite athletes, university professors and students from the Inditex Chair carried out a seminar at the University of Dhaka which was devoted to the social importance of sport in current Spain as well as to the history of sport in Bangladesh.

Tuesday 13th


Opening of the Seminar.

Speakers: Alejandra López García represented Mr. Álvaro de Salas Giménez de Azcárate, Ambassador of Spain, María José Martínez López, Chair of the Cátedra Inditex and Amparo Porta Rivas, coordinator.


Javier Torres González, Journalist.

The League of Dreams.

Javier Torres González will explain the passion felt in Spanish cities for LaLiga and the fans’s excitement for their team’s small or great successes. Real Madrid and Barcelona FC set the tone for sport excellence. But, they are not alone! There are others winners in the competition which contribute to the worldwide repercussion of the championship as well as to its expansion beyond the Spanish borders.

Wednesday, 14th


Elena Roca Moro, Rugby Player.

Elena Roca, Elite Sportswoman

Elena Roca Moro will talk about her career as an athlete from her first contact with sport during her school years where she developed her physical and motor skills to becoming an international rugby player. She will explain the value of effort, improvement, and perseverance to achieve one's goals.

María de los Ángeles Fernández Villarino, University of Vigo.

Woman and Sport: Story and Progress

María de los Ángeles Fernández Villarino will talk about the presence of women in sport from a historical perspective. She will highlight the key events in the development of women’s sport over the years and explain the most important changes that women’s presence brought to competitions and day-to-day practice of sport.


Md Nurul Amin, Abdullah Mahmud Alauddin, Kazi Mahdi Amin, Meherun Nesa Meem, students at the Inditex Chair.

El deporte en Bangladés: pasado, presente y futuro.

Carlos García-Verdugo Peralta, Journalist.

Galicia, Land of Sea, Witches and Derby

Carlos García‐Verdugo will talk about the peculiarities of the Galician Derby and the reason why it is a unique event, only understandable if you know Galicia a bit more in depth. He will explain how, through this Derby, you can get to know the way of being and the particular vision of how football is experienced in Galicia.

13/11/18 - 15/11/18


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