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Exhibition of engravings by Francisco de Goya

This exhibition, jointly organised by Calcografía Nacional, the Spanish Embassy in Dhaka, the Bengal Foundation and the Inditex Chair, consisted of a selection of engravings by the brilliant Spanish painter Francisco de Goya held in the Calcografía Nacional's collection. The works were selected by the exhibition's curator, Juan Bordes Caballero (of the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando), and the exhibition itself constituted a milestone in the dissemination of Spanish culture in Bangladesh.

"Francisco de Goya is much more than a late eighteenth and early nineteenth Spanish painter: he is one of the most important artists who from Spain have helped to create the world’s universal cultural heritage. Goya represents the beginning of the modern age and is a forerunner of the inter-war artistic avant-garde movements. As a committed artist and intellectual he not only witnessed but also played an active part in a particularly conflictive and interesting period in Spanish and European history." (Taken from the speech given by Mr Antonio Abril during the exhibition’s opening ceremony).



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